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  • Book Signings – LoveNVegas, LoveNSalem, and LoveNColorado
  • Reviews - yes, yes, YES we absolutely accept review requests.  We tend to veer away from blog tours as we like to do what we want and when we want.  But don't let that deter you from asking us to do a review.  We are totes open to requests from ANY genre.  Our team has a super wide variety of tastes.   No.  We do not accept payment under ANY circumstances for reviews.  Unless it's in tacos.  
  • Let’s talk about any other special requests you may have!  We do not clean houses or babysit your kids.  We may consider dog walking.

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  • Editing, Copy-Editing, Proofreading, Beta Reads
  • Book Covers
  • Formatting

What clients have to say about LNB editing:

Ellie takes the stress out of the editing process. - T.M. Frazier

Ellie's editing is on point. She edited my manuscript with careful precision and scrutiny while returning it back to me in a timely manner. She's efficient, top-notch, and easy to work with. I'd highly recommended her! - K. Webster

Ellie has been an absolute godsend. The impact of our stories have remarkably improved with her editing magic. Her ideas are always true to the story and keep with our voice as an author. She's our go-to and we'd be lost without her. - Haley Jenner

Ellie edits with a combination of skill and common sense. She'll fix your grammar, but leave your slang. She'll find your typos, but leave those intentional sentence fragments in tact. She is a rare breed of editor - a unicorn who knows when to apply the rules AND when to bend them. - BB Easton

Ellie makes a daunting part of the publishing voyage feel painless. - Claire Contreras

Ellie is really good at making the unreadable parts of my books readable. She has an eye for the smallest details and is generally kickass. *No. "And generally kicks ass" *See? I need an editor.  - L.J. Shen

With a keen eye for detail and quick turnaround times, Ellie makes the daunting process of editing a pleasure. - Ava Harrison

Working with Ellie is an absolute delight. She's incredibly professional and very easy to work with. I enjoyed every aspect of the editing process and will use her for all my upcoming projects. [Ellie is the best. Fuck everyone else.] - Jodie Larson

For the record, you're just what I need. No bullshit and you tell it like it is.  You're a great mix of calling the technical stuff but also calling out the writing voice.  - Angel Payne

Ellie will never be able to get rid of me. One editing process with her was all it took for me to claim her as my editor for life. She makes the editing process seamless and stress free. Not only does she polish my book with a meticulous eye, but she does it in a way that makes me feel like my manuscript is the only one her desk. She is passionate, no bullshit and pretty fucking amazing. -Holly Renee

- Brittainy C. Cherry

- J. Daniels

- Harper Sloan

Ellie McLove provides thorough, prompt, and reliable editing services that I've come to rely on for every story I write. - Staci Hart

Not only is Ellie's work accurate and meticulous, she also takes the time to suggest ideas that will improve the overall story without changing my voice as the author. - Molly McLain


I’m a writer, not an editor, I also write a lot so of course there are issues. Ellies gift to me is that she doesn't dilute my voice or change my writing style. She makes my work prettier and much more polished. She's reliable, fast, and funny as fuck. Plus she likes the middle finger so she's super cool. So glad to have her as part of my team. - MJ Fields

Ellie is more than your typical editor. She's fast, works with you instead of for you, and doesn't change your voice of writing. It's refreshing and I'm addicted! - M.N. Forgy



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